Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a Fluke?

These last couple of weeks we’ve listened to the constant beat of the poor-me victim drum. Miss Sandra Fluke (pronounced as if the “e” weren’t there, which is just too ironic to be real) complained about the burden of having to spend $1000 a year on contraception (when it’s available for $9 a month just a few blocks from campus and she’s dating a super-rich jet-setter – go figure).  Her testimony – besides being filled with unsubstantiated statistics -- is confusing.

Let me get this straight: A 30-year-old law student – a left-wing feminist activist – testified to Congress about how the evil Jesuit college she attends won’t provide insurance that covers her birth control expenses. I don’t understand why a college would be responsible for anyone’s condom needs; I can’t imagine why at Georgetown coed’s efforts at non-conception are so expensive; and I really can’t fathom what useful information Fluke could provide for Congress  – don’t they have more pressing matters in front of them than collegiate sex practices?

The press seemed to believe that she was testifying as to the dire need for the government to step in – 1st Amendment be damned – and stop this awful sexual oppression. They used her to demonstrate that conservatives are more worried about the niceties of our founding documents than the cruel burdens born by sexually active women; Republicans are, according to the media, engaged in a War on Women.

There’s a war on women?! Here?? Now??