Monday, July 16, 2012

Silver Linings and Ominous Clouds

Something’s up. We all feel it; we’re edgy and anxious, or we’re bent over with our hands over our ears and our heads in the sand, trying to sing “LA, LA, LA, LA…”. Either way, we’re all a little grouchy. “Something wicked this way comes” and we can feel it.

from jade95_2010
Let’s shake the sand out of our ears and stare this down. Everyone has always had his share of hideous things to deal with; those things always hit hard and are largely unexpected. Usually, though, the nasties are timed so that they don’t happen to everyone all at once. Someone’s always around whose house hasn’t been ripped out by a tornado, or whose mother isn’t dying.

Right now, however, the monsters appear to be gathering for a major assault. On all of us. At once.  I can hear them breathing:
·      Moral bearings are almost gone. See the Ten Commandments and do your own comparison.
·      Children, for several generations now, have been badly educated, but well-indoctrinated. Check the stats.
·      Churches spend very little time teaching the Bible.  Christianity is under attack.
·      Governments are almost indistinguishable from the special interests that pull their strings, and those governments are out to wrest all dignity and opportunity from their citizens. Watch the news.
·      Current economic theory is self-destructing. Keep your eye on Europe and China. It’s not just here. Keynes is failing everywhere, but Keynes is the basket carrying most of our chickens. Ditto.
·      Family structure is dissolving. Any teacher can fill you in on that one.
·      National sovereignty is under attack. See the latest UN ideas or talk to Jan Brewer.
·      Natural disasters are on the rise…. I could go on and on and so could you. So, what’s my point?