Monday, April 30, 2012

Actually Thinking it's True


“In our society we are free to believe anything we want to believe as long as we don’t actually think it’s true.” Ravi Zacharias, in his book Jesus Among other Gods, said that. He was talking about our skewed understanding of religious belief. (I’ll explain in a later post why I’ve put religious in italics). Now days we can hang Buddhist prayer flags, put up Festivus poles, don turbans, hold séances, and carve fertility goddesses and no one will bug us. But if we let anyone know that we take any of it seriously – especially if any of it is Christian – then we’re discounted and marked as peculiar and even dangerous – see Janet Napolitano’s description of a terrorist, or Chris Matthews’ mocking of those who “don’t believe in evolution.”

We need to get this straightened out. As Christians we’re standing around strumming guitars and singing I Can Only Imagine while secularists make mincemeat out of our beliefs and they’re doing so because we haven’t stood up for what we believe, let alone for why we believe it. Sometimes we try to support our reliance on scripture, but since we don’t know much about the historical accuracy of the Bible, that falls flat. We try to back up our moral firmness and we’re told we’re not “loving.” We attempt to present the gospel and no one can fathom that he even needs to be saved. Things are really off-kilter. Let’s get a grip, folks, and look at the assumptions and motivations that rumble about underneath this growing rift.