Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Adam, Eve, and Justice Roberts

It’s late and I’m just getting started with this week’s post. I’ve been on line discussing free will with my son – an avoidance technique, no doubt, but the question of free will is so fascinating and has taken such a beating that perhaps I should just keep the discussion going here…

Adam, Eve, and Justice Roberts

Free will. The concept means nothing if we are all, as Darwinists assume, just so much protoplasm lounging in our Lazy Boys, pulsating, digesting, sloughing dead skin. If decisions are nothing more than chemicals ricocheting around in our brains, then this discussion is moot.

That we feel like we’re making choices is confusing, but for all you atheists out there – it’s all you have: just a feeling made of chemicals. How exactly you got to the point of forming an opinion about the absence of God is curious, but nevertheless mechanics is all you get to work with.

Some of you arrived in that atheist state of denial because you’ve observed or experienced horrifying human behavior and reacted with anger against the very God you claim is non-existent. Never mind that without God we cannot explain evil; we shouldn’t even see it as an issue. Why would we? Chemicals don’t have morals.