Monday, March 19, 2012

Whatsoever You Ask -- Part 12 of The Twelve-Step Program to American Recovery

During this series we explored many ways we can each pitch in and help save this country we love from the looming darkness.  We talked about standing guard over our language and the 1984 changes being imposed on it. We discussed bridging the education gap left by our deteriorating public schools. We looked at necessary attitude changes – not expecting the government to play God’s role in our lives; we spent several posts on that issue. Last week we explored the need to think logically.

These are all things we can do ourselves; we don’t need to trick someone else into voting like we do. We don’t have to get into screaming arguments. We don’t need to walk around carrying posters – though I’ve done that and it’s fun. You see, a nation gets the government – and the prosperity – it deserves. If each of us becomes the person God designed him to be then our nation will continue to serve Him and reap the unimaginable rewards.

This week is the final post of the series and I’ve left the most important one for last --- prayer.

 Whatsoever You Ask       

It’s always been time to get down on our knees – this is true. Our nation has seen much more dangerous periods; I can’t imagine what it must have been like during World War II when we first realized that the bad guys were after us, too; or coping with the Civil War in our own back yard; or gearing up to fight the great power of George III.  But the thing that is so scary now is that the attacks are all behind the scenes, but they are life-and-death assaults nevertheless, in fact they are attacks right out of hell and we must fight them. To do that we have to pull out all the stops, recognize that we can, as mere humans, only do so much. We need God’s intervention; we have to pray.