Monday, April 16, 2012

Angels and Politics: Behind the Scenes

Last week I wrote about the huge moral/ethical divide currently ripping this nation apart. This week I’d like to explore why that’s happening. Are there evil people behind it? – of course, but there’s a bigger issue afoot. We go about our daily business – we gas up the car, send our kids to school, pay the bills, go to work, watch a little TV and we think that’s what life is made of, but the mundane things that fill our earthly existence are just window dressing, for something profound and astounding is happening and we’re in the middle of it. Follow me….

He’s slouching up against a pillar in the Throne Room, picking at his teeth and looking bored. His crew stands back a ways, each of them attempting to show the same disdain for the rapturous singing that’s going on around the dais. He turns back and glares at his cohort, meeting each one’s gaze, gaining an unspoken commitment before moving on to the next. Then with a lift of his chin and a tilt of his handsome head he orders them to follow him. They all approach the Throne of God.

A multitude of other angels part to let him pass. You can hear the rustle of their wings and the whispers of tension in the air. He is, after all, the most beautiful of them all, and by far the smartest, and they all know he’s up to something.