Monday, January 23, 2012

Part 4 – Twelve-step Program for American Recovery

 In previous sections of this series I’ve concentrated on what’s wrong with all of us – which is all we have real control over. This week I’ll get around eventually to picking on you and me, but I’m going to start with Them.

The Faceless, “Omnipotent” They

I’m really getting tired of these people, these people who run things. I’m even more tired of the rest of us letting them. They have power over the most important parts of our lives, yet They are a creepy, shadowy lot. Some who run for office show us their official faces, but Barack Obama, A.K.A Barry Soetoro, for instance, is still a mystery. Some, like Ben Bernanke, land fairly public jobs, but mostly They skulk around in marble-walled offices turning the tumblers on bank vaults. Now and then we learn the names of the scientists who make major “discoveries,” but rarely do They come out from behind those white coats. Who are those guys inventing more deadly forms of bird flu?