Monday, January 16, 2012

Part 3 -- A Twelve-Step Program for American Recovery


The further we get into the presidential election the more certain I am that the salvation of this nation is more about each and every individual American than it can ever be about the positions of power in this country. Our future appears to be dependent on the voting choices of each person, but it is more heavily reliant on the quality of each individual. R.B.Thieme Jr., my old pastor, used to say, “A nation gets the leadership it deserves,” In a representative republic that is even more accurate because the welfare of the nation directly rests on the wisdom, the responsibility, and the humility of each and every person.

As just one of those individuals I offer this series of commentaries as a small effort toward raising the bar, toward urging upward the quality of thinking that drives this society. That’s all I can do. Please add your ideas to mine, help me refine my thinking. Let’s do this together.

Part 3  -- There Oughttabea Law