Monday, February 20, 2012

Hope is the Thing with Feathers -- Part 8 in The Twelve-Step Program to American Recovery

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,... Emily Dickinson

 Michael & Patricia Fogden/Minden Pictures/Getty Images 

 Today we drove over the Crater Lake pass in central Oregon.  There’s relatively little snow up there this year, but enough to remind me of Narnia when it was “always winter and never Christmas.” The highway tops out at close to 6,000 feet and becomes just a hallway that cuts through millions of Douglas firs that each stand 10 stories high. As far as the eye can penetrate on either side there’s just forest and snow. It looks like spring will never happen and all that will ever be is cold.
We’re living through a Narnian winter right now. On all sides we see things getting continually worse, and what glimmers of optimism we find often turn out to be false. I keep expecting to run into Tumnus and the White Witch is on TV daily. Every time our president speaks he kills off another part of the Constitution. The Republican primary has been a rocky affair. Iran is rattling its nuclear options, gas prices hit $4 today, and Obamacare is creeping down our necks. I could go on, but the ugly stuff is not my point.